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Headstrong Performance is a Singapore based executive coaching company. Our clients are professionals interested in a more holistic approach to improve leadership skills that enable them to be an even more positive source of inspiration and influence. Our specialty is cultivating leadership qualities that are aligned with your brand-promise through a proprietary blend of building leadership fitness, cultivating mindsets, and facilitating leadership skills all contributing to a strong brand message that inspires loyalty and commitment from all stakeholders across the board.

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Business Performance is Human Performance

Without properly functioning human capital, business will suffer. That is why our services are based on the.
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The Blog

Tai-Chi Principles of Leadership.

Being raised as the son of a political activist who sacrificed over 40 years of her life to bring down an unjust government,
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Tools For Inspirational Performance

We have been working tirelessly to innovate essential tools that prime your brain for inspirational performance.
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Headstrong Performance - The Book

A breakthrough book that challenges traditional views about business,leadership and performance by linking the benifits of nutrition and exercise with the power of neuroscience to optimise performance in executives.

10 Reasons Why You Might Want To Read This Book

1.You are a high performance executive who wants to get even more out of yourself,your work and your life.

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Our Clients

Improving performance with Life-Changing Effect

High performing individuals and organizations recognize that being at their best means something other than holding a myopic focus on meeting the immediate task at hand. They recognize that their peak performance requires developing and maintaining greater levels of energy, awareness, focus, resilience, mental and creative capacity.

Our clients are seeking to improve their performance and we work with them to deliver those results with lasting and expansive impact. But it goes beyond
performance at work. Many are transformed,

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8 Minute Brain Gym From

Headstrong Performance

Prime Your Brain For Inspirational Performance With Exercise, Neuroscience, and Meditation In Just 8 Minutes

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