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1 Office Chair Exercise To Invigorate Your Posture and Your Brain

In this post, I want to share with you one simple exercise that you can do using your office chair, which when performed properly, can really open up our posture and possibly even relieve sitting related back ache.

When we sit for extended periods of time, our hip flexors, located in the front of our hips can really shorten up, making standing up a really uncomfortable sensation.

One interesting fact about the hip flexors is that they are located on the front of the thigh, but cross through the hipbone and attach to the lower spine. What this means is that the lower back pain from sitting for extended periods may not originate in the back at all, but may be due to the tightening of the hip flexors.

Furthermore, research is showing that minor aches and stiffness in the body greatly distracts the brain’s capacity to remain focused on a single task. As the aches increase, the brain begins to pay attention to them and with that, diverts energy to focusing on pain sensation rather than on the job at hand.

To get the best results from this exercise for both body and brain, it’s best to practice it in three steps being:

Step 1: Positioning

Place your office chair in front of you with the backrest to your side. If the backrest is on your left side, step forward with your right leg in front of the chair and rest your left knee on top of the chair.

Make sure the office chair is at such a height that the knee can rest comfortably on the chair while the rest of the body can remain relaxed and upright.

Step 2: Roll-Away

With your left knee still on the chair and your left hand on the backrest, push the chair backwards so the chair rolls away behind you. While doing this, make sure your right leg is slightly bent and your right knee is perfectly over your toes and slightly bent.

In this position, you should begin to feel a stretch in the front of your hip. While in this position, use your left hand to gently turn the backrest left and right until you find the deepest stretch.

Step 3: Up and Over

While in your left hip flexor stretch bring your right arm up and overhead. Keep holding on to the arm rest with your left hand for balance. From here, reach backward with your right arm and follow your fingers with your eyes.

Reach as far back behind you as possible and really try to reach your fingers as far away from you as possible so you optimize your stretch.

Hold that stretch for approximately 5 seconds and bring your right arm up and over to starting position.

Repeat this movement 10 times.

Once completed on this side, transition to the other side and stretch your right hip flexor following the same 3 steps.

If optimal brain capacity and performance is what you seek, in whatever you do, make sure you keep your body limber and fit. Not only will your body thank you, but more importantly, your brain will too, as it will have more resources to focus on the task and get the job done.

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