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Our Mission

To Think Differently About Performance

Charles Darwin once wrote: “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to change.”
Today’s rapidly evolving economy is forcing organizations to think differently about how they run their businesses. Traditional management processes, systems, and tools are being stretched to their snapping point requiring companies to make leaner and smarter talent management decisions and thus requiring a more agile and adaptable workforce that can effectively respond to, and take advantage of these dynamically changing markets.

However, further research is showing that today, our executives work more hours per week with much greater pressure than ever before. The resulting increase in stress and fatigue is leaving our executives susceptible to accelerated aging, burnout, and even chronic disease. Unfortunately, research teaches us that the health, and wellbeing of the individual is at great cost of the organization, as our health is the raw fuel that drives resilience against stress, raises employee engagement and increases capacity for adaptability. In other words, the exact ingredients Charles Darwin highlighted necessary for species survival are also required for organizational survival.

The inconvenient truth is that if organizations want to continue to evolve with the dynamic business culture of today, much like our ancestors during the prehistoric times, they will need to conjure up the courage to turn their backs on the comfort of traditional habits and begin to look at innovative ways how to do things differently.

And that’s where we come in……

Marcel Daane, CEO of

Headstrong Performance

In this interview from AM Live, Marcel explains how having a better understanding of the intricate relationship between our physical health and brain capacity can greatly improve our performance at work.

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