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Our Vision

Optimizing Brain Function and Peak Performance

We believe that human beings, as individuals and as a collective, are capable of great and wonderful things. We are endowed with an advanced brain, the most complex animal organ on the planet, yet we are just beginning to understand how to apply it optimally.

Optimizing our brain function means creating the right environment for ourselves and aligning the integrated body-brain through awareness and intention. It means being conscious of our modern habits and the norms of society that have sowed the seeds of debilitating diseases and disorders that negatively affect our bodies and hinder our brain function.

This condition may be particularly true for today’s business executive, for whom chronic stress and a sedentary lifestyle set the stage for mental fatigue and burnout, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and ultimately mental deterioration. The capacity of the brain to function at its optimum, for our bodies to maintain our naturally vibrant energy and to retain our health, are dependent on a very different mode of operating in the face of pressure to function in the status quo.

Our overarching vision is to support our clients’ peak performance within their existing environment; to help them develop a greater level of awareness of themselves and their surroundings; to inspire them to live the engaged, happy and fulfilling life they deserve.

Marcel Daane, CEO of

Headstrong Performance

In this interview from AM Live, Marcel explains how having a better understanding of the intricate relationship between our physical health and brain capacity can greatly improve our performance at work.

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