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Improving Performance with Life-Changing Effect

High performing individuals and organizations recognize that being at their best means something other than holding a myopic focus on meeting the immediate task at hand.  They recognize that their peak performance requires developing and maintaining greater levels of energy, awareness, focus, resilience, mental and creative capacity.

Our clients consist of organisations, leadership/management teams, and individuals who are seeking to raise their performance capacity, refocus mindsets, improve adaptability, and inspire leadership effectiveness. We partner with them to deliver those results with lasting and expansive impact.

What we do, however, goes far beyond performance at work. Many of our clients find themselves being transformed into better versions of themselves, finding new sources of enthusiasm, energy and confidence, improving health, fitness, and even reversing delibitating diseases. In short, our clients benefit beyond just work productivity, and that makes our work both rewarding and effective in the long-term.

Marcel Daane, CEO of

Headstrong Performance

Marcel shares, at the HR Summit, how we need to look differently at organizational and individual performance

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