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Client Testimonials


Joel Krueger, Investment Officer

Executive Coaching Client

"With Marcel's guidance I've been able to lose several inches off my waist, reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and am more effective in the office than before. Perhaps most notably I feel more at ease with myself, the decisions I am making in the office, and am more able to deal with the challenges of working in a large organization.
Marcel's approach is to empower his clients and give them the tools to make their own decisions rather than dictate rules or a process they must follow. I'd encourage busy executives looking for some guidance as to how to improve themselves and their lives to consider contacting Marcel.

He has made a meaningful difference to me."

Colin Sampson, SVP

SAP Asia Pacific

“Probably the best corporate/personal leadership training workshop that I have attended anywhere in the last twenty years! The messages around maintaining a healthy work-life balance, good nutrition, rest and regular exercise, all leading to an improvement in performance, individually and as a team, have been life changing to the participants. We started the training with a small group of Finance executives and their enthusiasm from the workshop is spreading throughout the organization

...a great way to bring about change. Real, positive, productive change.”

Michael Braun, GM

Daimler Benz, Africa & Asia Pacific

“The HeadStrong Performance Team drove home the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body to the participants of our regional leadership conference. As a company, we strive to balance performance at work with the health of our employees to ensure they go hand-in-hand. HeadStrong Performance integrated work-outs (yoga, meditation and a fitness module) into the conference and reinforced these with theory on the link between leadership performance and fitness.

Participants received not only a physical boost, but also simple yet practical tips on what they can do to help
alleviate stress, increase mental well-being and perform more effectively in their leadership roles.

Tony Grandidge, MD

Euronet, Asia Pacific

“I know first-hand how their program changes lives and improves performance. It has helped me across a variety of areas, personal and professional. I have even seen the positive impact on people dealing with life-threatening diseases. I completely buy into what HeadStrong Performance is doing and brought it to my regional leadership team - in a 2-day training program.

I'm still seeing the positive effects on their performance.
The sign of a very effective program.

Matt Beath, MD

Ethos BeathChapman

“I run a business, am a husband and a father of three wonderful and active kids. Improving my energy reserve is critical to keeping up with life. I use the HeadStrong Performance methodology to effectively manage the demands and stress of work and still have energy to enjoy quality time with friends and family at the end of the day. I now promote health-performance throughout my organization.

I am seeing this approach improve not just the health of my employees,
but also my company's bottom line.
Marcel Daane, CEO of

Headstrong Performance

Marcel shares, at the HR Summit, how we need to look differently at organizational and individual performance

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