Headstrong Performance Assessments

Organizations and individual executives often use periodic assessments of leadership performance. However, traditional assessments tend to focus on behavior, personality and psychometrics, but they often miss critical components of performance, such as the mental and physical capacity of the executive that lay at the foundation of performance.

By utilizing a more holistic assessment, we are able to provide an indepth picture of the executive’s performance capacity and develop a foundation for leadership transformation and performance improvement.

Our Headstrong Performance assessments will help each client determine:

  • A greater awareness how their health is affecting mental performance
  • Specific aspects of their health and behavior that may be affecting their performance.
  • Specific improvement objectives for improved brain function, and energy for resilient and adaptable leadership.
  • Existing level of mental performance and how they compare to their age-groups.
  • Existing patterns and lifestyle habits that may negatively impact performance, as well as underlying assumptions that support negative patterns.

You can download a Sample Assessment Report below.

Marcel Daane, CEO of

Headstrong Performance

Marcel shares HeadStrong Performance's 3 Steps To Improving Organisational Adaptability

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