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Headstrong Performance – The Book

Kirkus Review says: “Headstrong Performance is an expertly crafted debut and an eye-opening wake-up call for any executive.”

Ron Kaufman, New York Times Best Selling Author, says: “Marcel has written a breakthrough book connecting the insights of neuroscience with the reality of our daily lives. These ideas and exercises deliver immediate performance improvements in your health, your happiness, and your success in life. Read this book today to perform better tomorrow.”

Human Resources Magazine, says: “Headstrong Performance is an excellent read for those interested in effectively improving their performance by leveraging on the advantages of feeling the brain and developing the capacity of improved performance.”

10 Reasons Why You Might Want To Read This Book

  • You’re a high-performing executive who wants to get even more out of yourself, your work, and your life.
  • You’re competing at work with people half your age, and you want to show that high performance is possible at any age—and even more powerful combined with experience!
  • You want to give this book to your boss, so he can apply some of these strategies at work to increase productivity while making everyone’s life easier.
  • Your memory is not what it used to be, and you want to regain mental clarity and capacity.
  • Stress is killing you. You want to feel better and do better without overdoing.
  • You want to reduce excess bodyfat, and keep it off for good.
  • You want to know more about how exercise and eating well can take you and your business to superior levels of success.
  • You want to use fitness to improve employee engagement and performance throughout your organization.
  • You want to understand and overcome resistance to change inside your organization.
  • You’re about to hop on a long flight and want something entertaining and useful to read, because you’ve seen all the in-flight movies.

Whatever your reason, you found the right book.
Buy it, try it, and enjoy your improved performance.

Marcel Daane

Headstrong Performance

Improve Your Mental Performance With Nutrition, Exercise, and Neuroscience


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