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Business Performance is Human Performance.

Without properly functioning human capital, business will suffer.  That is why our services are based on the most recent neuroscience and physiology-based approaches to positively impact performance.

We develop and utilize a number of validated and holistic executive health and performance methodologies designed to enable peak performance through improved awareness, adaptability, energy and cognitive resilience.  We tailor our solutions for our clients’ individual and organizational needs.

Our services span the body and brain, including physiological and cognitive assessments, workshops to build mindset capacity, and executive health-performance coaching to help embed new, healthy neural pathways on the way to improved performance, leadership, happiness and health. We deliver results through our keynote addresses, workshops, and intensive coaching for individuals and teams.

Marcel Daane, CEO of

Headstrong Performance

Marcel shares, at the HR Summit, how we need to look differently at organizational and individual performance

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