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What if there were a way of coaching that didn’t only help executives on a professional level, but also helped improve their quality of life?

Embedded in our mission is the intent to improve the health and performance of every client. While performance improvement is also the objective of executive coaching, changing long existing, hardwired ways of thinking and behavior for the better often times requires a more holistic approach.

Neuroscience has shown that the most efficient and effective way to re-ignite the brain is to engage both the body and the brain simultaneously. Learning new health behaviors, such as making better food choices and regular exercise require the exact same neural networks required for self-awareness, self-discipline, mental focus, and adaptability, essential skills required for performance improvement in the work-place. In other words, health behaviors off executives the perfect training ground to master essential leadership and performance techniques.

Headstrong Performance Coaching takes the best of today’s executive coaching and integrates it with health improvement behaviors to enable these positive shifts.  Commencing with the Headstrong Performance Assessment, together we determine the current state of the executive’s thinking, behavior, health condition and habits, to provide a base for progress and effective identification for goals to work towards.

Whether engaged by a third-party stakeholder, such as the employer or loved-one, or the client directly, our goal is to help our clients work themselves to a place of improved mental performance, adaptability, resilience, focus and more.  It is through our unique combination of specific types of physical and mental engagement that we make our coaching an effective strategy for change as well as a platform for improved engagement and overall health.

On this page is a Executive Case Study Download Link where you can see a few examples how the integration of health and coaching can greatly improve cognitive capacity, resilience, and performance.

Marcel Daane, CEO of

Headstrong Performance

Marcel shares, at the HR Summit, how we need to look differently at organizational and individual performance

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