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Workouts For Leaders – 3-Minute Stair Workout

As a trainer of leaders, I find myself often in the same predicament as many of my clients, which is an insane travel schedule.
Staying healthy and fit, especially at the tender age of 50 is honestly speaking a very challenging task that requires a Headstrong Commitment to my purpose of remaining at top performance capacity, no matter what life throws at me.

Often times, my travel schedule takes me to destinations and work-scenarios where getting a thorough gym workout is simply out of the question. Over the years, I have developed a number of “emergency” workouts that will enable me to stimulate my brain as well as body, not matter what situation I find myself in.

Today, I would like to share with you a 3-Minute stair workout routine that can be performed as a quick workout in itself, or as in my case, it can be used as a single cycle of a 5 or 6, brain building and gut busting cycle, stair-circuit.

Complete each of the 3 following exercises for 1-minute.
Exercise 1: Single Stair Run.
For the first exercise, simply run up the stairs taking single steps up the stairs. What is important to note here is the proper use of the arms and legs while running up the stairs.

Use a contralateral pattern where when you step up with your right leg, you drive with your left arm and vice versa.

Simply run up a set of 10-steps as fast as you can and walk back down to the bottom, after which you sprint back up again, and so forth.
Exercise 2: Double Step Bound.
This set looks very similar to exercise 1. However, instead of taking single steps, like in the previous exercise, you are now going to take two steps at a time up the same set of 10 steps as in exercise 1.

Important here is to exaggerate the drive with the arms to gain more speed. Keep your speed up as high as possible.

If taking 2-steps feels very easy, consider progressing to 3-steps at a time. On the other hand, if at any time 2-steps becomes too much, regress the exercise to single steps, like in exercise 1.

Exercise 3: Single Step Hop.
This exercise requires a little bit of coordination, but when performed well, Hopping up the stairs can help drive the intensity to a level where not only the muscles are burning, but where brain-cells in the prefrontal cortex in your brain are being pumped, challenged, and exercised so they can help you perform even better in the corporate/leadership arena.

Begin with a half-squat position and pushing your arms behind you. From there, drive both of your arms forward and upward with so much power it drives the feet off the floor and onto the next step up where you land softly in a squat position and arms driven behind you, your start position. Repeat that movement over and over again until you reach the 10th step, after which you walk back down again only to start over again.
If hopping up the steps is still too challenging for you, try hopping 10 times on the spot instead. On the other hand, if hopping up single step is not challenging enough, try to hop up 2, or even 3, steps at a time.

If completing just one round feels very challenging, then congratulations are in order. That means you successfully challenged your brain and your body to evolve and grow. In time, with repetition, this 3-minute exercise will begin to feel easier and when that happens, consider training yourself to do a second, then a third, then a fourth, and so on. In time, you will be able to turn this 3-minute workout into a 20, or even, a 30-minute workout that is bound to stimulate your brain and body in ways you cannot begin to imagine.

Give this a try and keep us posted on how it works for you.

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